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Do not allow AR User to change password

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

A Change Password link is automatically placed on the Home Page form so users can change their passwords voluntarily. When they click the link, the User Password Change form is opened.

We do not want user to be able to change their password because authentication is supposed to be managed via LDAP. Users are bypassing the LDAP authentication and voluntarily changing their password to a Remedy resident password.

How do you prevent this from happening?

The solution is fairly simple. The “Change Password” link you see in the home page is a regular entry point belonging to a form, which has the necessary workflow to change the user’s password. This form is called “User Password Change”.
To remove the link, you can open that form in Developer Studio, go to the form properties > Basic / entry Points tab, and uncheck the Enable Entry Point checkbox. Then, save the form. After this, the next time your users log in to ARS they will no longer see the Change Password link.


EIE Workflow Utilities

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The following commands are related to the 7.1 environment. I have not confirmed if they still work under 7.6.x.

Filter $PROCESS$ command that encrypts the specified value and returns the result:

  • /apps/ar/bin$ appspwd -p “MyRawPassword”

Filter $PROCESS$ command that De-crypts the specified value and returns the result:

  • /apps/ar/bin $ appspwd -u “$Admin Login Name$” -p “$zTmpPassword$” -f $Rapp Config Path$/rappsvc.cfg

I run this command in the directory AIE\service\bin where the Integration Engine execute is located:

  • eie.exe -x <AR Server name> -p <port number> -n <instance name> -m

( I have forgotten the reason for the above command since it’s been a while we have had to touch the app. I beleive it had something to do with encoding the raw passwords when they are manually updated in the EIE.CFG file )