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BMC Remedy

History of BMC Remedy Action Request System

Remedy Corp. The Company was incorporated on November 20, 1990 in Delaware Headquarters Mountain View, California, USA. Key people: Larry Garlick – Founder & CEO, Dave Mahler – VP Marketing, and Doug Mueller – Chief Architect Version 1.0.

Action Request System 1.1 — Approx. Nov 1992

Action Request System 2.0 — 1993

Action Request System 2.1 — 1994

Action Request System 3.0 — 1996

Action Request System 3.1 — May 1997

Action Request System 3.2 — Sep 1998

Action Request System 3.2.1 — 1998

Action Request System 4.0 — Jan 1999 Improved installation process and user interface. ¬†Improvements to Fields, Objects and Workflow, and added various other features to the Remedy Administrator.

Action Request System 4.0.1 — Sep 1999

Action Request System 4.0.2 — Jun 1999

Action Request System 4.0.3 — Nov 1999

Action Request System 4.5 — May 26, 2000

  • Improved installation process
  • Enhanced performance and stability of the Remedy User
  • Added functionality to the Remedy Administrator
  • Enhanced logging functionality – records the appropriate logging (API, filter, or SQL) to the status list, and returns the log via each API call until you request a stop. You can specify getting the log directly or having the log written to a specific file.
  • Provides hooks for building interfaces to allow it to authenticate against external directories.
  • Groups together interrelated objects specific to an application on a packing list. ¬†Modifies or deletes these objects through an editor in Remedy Administrator.
  • Gives server logs maximum sizes and can be configured to be circular logs.
  • Associates properties like version tags, version information, and labels.
  • Has no constraints on the number of server threads; customers can use as many as their database and system resources can support.
  • Extends the business time functionality by adding the Application-Bus-Time-Subtract command.

Action Request System 4.5.1 Maintenance — Jun 30, 2000

Action Request System 4.5.2 Maintenance — Feb 14, 2000

Action Request System 5.0 with Web and Windows clients — Dec 10, 2001

Action Request System 5.0.1 — Mar 15, 2002

Action Request System 5.1 — Sep 11, 2002

Action Request System 5.1.2 Maintenance — Oct 17, 2003

Action Request System 6.0 — Feb 6, 2004

Action Request System 6.03 — Jan 2005

Action Request System 7.0 — May 9, 2006

Action Request System 7.0.01 — Oct 6, 2006

Action Request System 7.1.00 — Aug 31, 2007

Action Request System 7.5.00 — Jan 16, 2009

Action Request System 7.6.03 — Fall 2010

Action Request System 7.6.04 — December 2010


SQL Developer’s “SQL History”

I don’t know about you, but I now love the SQL History button (F8) in SQL Developer. So many times I have found that I have lost unsaved work, or overwritten existing. I have always wished that there was a way to recover past queries.

Well, as it turns out, SQL Developer has a SQL History button. Pressing the “F8” key, or from the “View” menu, select the menu option:

This will bring up a new tab, which shows all the queries that have been run in the last while:

Unfortunatly, the problem is that you can look, but you can’t really touch. There is no way to copy the entries to the clipboard or back into a worksheet. Luckily there is a solution/workaround. There are a number of files that are kept locally, which is a running history of everything you have done.

UPDATE: It appears that if you double click on the History item, it will be copied onto the currently active SQL Worksheet. This saves having to search through the history files.

These files can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\.sqldeveloper, or in my case, C:\Documents and Settings\<login profile name>\Application Data\SQL Developer\system1.\.history\.

In my case, the folder named “0” had a number of files for the last month, each of which contained revisions of previous days work. Sort by Date Modified and find what you need from there: