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Asset Management Atrium CMDB

How to Sync New CMDB 7.6.0x fields to the Asset Management AST forms

Using the Class Manager, you must first create your custom fields:

Open up the BMC_ComputerSystem, select the Attributes tab and then click the New button at the bottom. Enter in the details for the new field and then save:

Once the save process has completed (this can take some time depending at what level you add the fields), you can then open up the class you added the fields to to view. In our example, viewing the CMDB class BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem, we can see that the system has completed the process of adding two of our custom fields to one of the Custom tabs:

If we view the Asset Management AST:ComputerSystem form, we can see that we have no Custom tab showing as the fields that were added into the CMDB don’t get added to the AST forms automatically:

The next step is to sync the fields that were added. To do this, use the following list of steps: 

  1. navigate from the side bar to Administrator Console / Application Administration Console.
  2. Change to the Custom Configuration tab.
  3. Under the Application Settings, expand the Asset Management / Advanced Options list.
  4. Click on the Sync Asset UI with CMDB.
  5. Click the Open button.

The window that opens up should be a search window. Just click the Search button to pull back all the forms. In the list of Search values that come back, locate the CMDB form you are looking to sync. In our example, we select the ComputerSystem record:

With our record selected, press the Update Asset UI button (Press the Update All button if you have alot of forms that need to be updated):

Details after hitting the sync button:

Reloading the AST form, AST:ComputerSystem form in our example, we can see that two of our custom fields have now been added:


PERSONAL NOTE: Due to some problems that we have experienced in a number of our environments (Linux and Solaris), we have found that using the Asset Sync does not work reliablly and you should do this using the manual steps. We have run into table corruption with the fields, especially if you need to remove any fields.  We only add/modify/remove fields from the CMDB via the CMDBDriver (I have been advised a number of time by BMC Support that this is the way they recommend). I have done this for all the implentations of 7.x and have never experienced any problems.

UPDATE (October 2012): I was advised by a BMC consultant that there was a “bug” in 7.6.04 SP1 and possibly SP2 where the Sync did not work correctly. This appears to have been resolved in SP3. I personally have not had a chance to verify.