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Atrium Integration Engine

Set AIE 7.6.04 up on its own RPC Port

To set AIE onto its own RPC Port, you will need to add in a new RPC port number to the ARSystem, update the aie.cfg file, and restart the ARServer and AIE services so that the changes can take effect. By putting AIE onto its own port number, this helps to prevent the rest of the system from experiencing performance issues when your AIE jobs are running.

The steps to complete this task are as follows (the following steps are under Linux/Unix):

  1. Open the AR System Administration Console and navigate to Server Information.
  2. Change to the Ports and Queues tab.
  3. In the table, locate an empty line and enter in an RPC Prog Number, Min Threads, and Max Threads values.
  4. Apply the changes.
  5. From the server, stop AIE and the ARServer.
  6. Navigate to where the aie.cfg file is located and open it up in a text editor. If you used the default install, this should be located at:
    • /opt/bmc/AtriumCore/aie/service/conf/aie.cfg
  7. Part way down you should see a section for “PrivateRPCPort:”. On this line, add in the RPC port you defined above.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. Restart your ARServer. You had to do the stop/start in order for the new port numbers to take effect.
  10. Restart you AIE instance. It will start up using the new details.


Atrium Integration Engine

AIE Configuration portion of the console shows host name of the AIE instances is wrong (pointing to a wrong server).

There are cases where the AIE configuration console may show that the host name of the AIE instances is wrong (in cases where jobs were imported from another server), however, you can not change the host name as these fields can not be edited.

If you notice that the Instance name in each data exchange is incorrect, there is a simple way to fix. These errors usually show up if you import exchange data from another server.

The resolution provided by BMC Customer Support is as follows:

  • Open EIE:BackUpLoadFlag – form by using Admin Tool
  • Chang field properties to read/write and saving the form
  • A new hostname and instance value can be stored by using Remedy User client without reinstalling the AIE.
Atrium Integration Engine

EIE Workflow Utilities

The following commands are related to the 7.1 environment. I have not confirmed if they still work under 7.6.x.

Filter $PROCESS$ command that encrypts the specified value and returns the result:

  • /apps/ar/bin$ appspwd -p “MyRawPassword”

Filter $PROCESS$ command that De-crypts the specified value and returns the result:

  • /apps/ar/bin $ appspwd -u “$Admin Login Name$” -p “$zTmpPassword$” -f $Rapp Config Path$/rappsvc.cfg

I run this command in the directory AIE\service\bin where the Integration Engine execute is located:

  • eie.exe -x <AR Server name> -p <port number> -n <instance name> -m

( I have forgotten the reason for the above command since it’s been a while we have had to touch the app. I beleive it had something to do with encoding the raw passwords when they are manually updated in the EIE.CFG file )