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Capturing the Remedy Login Event

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Capturing the Remedy Login Event

There are some instances when there is a need to trigger actions when the user logs in to the Remedy Windows User tool. A common requirement that entails such a need is to display a security or proprietary warning/banner as soon as the user logs in. Given the emphasis on security these days, this requirement would be popping up in many corporations using Remedy.

Remedy as such does not provide the developer with an event in any workflow object that represents the login activity. Hence to satisfy our requirement, the approach will be an indirect one:

The “Init-Form” parameter:

The ar.cfg or ar.conf file stores all the configuration parameters of the AR Server. Apart from the configuration parameters that are available to the developer through the AR Admin tool, there are other parameters that can be set in this file.

One such parameter is the “Init-Form” parameter. This parameter has the following syntax:

Init-Form: <Form Name>

e.g. – Init-Form: TEST_FORM

The Form Name mentioned here holds a special meaning for the AR Server. This form will be opened up in the Search mode every time any user logs in (provided that the user has hidden/visible permission on that form). But the opening of this form is hidden from the users. It is opened and closed immediately. The only hint of this being opened is a fleeting appearance of the name of this form in the Title Bar when a user logs in.

Capturing the Login Event:

With the help of the login form, we have ensured that a certain action will take place every time a user logs in. But the action that takes place i.e. the opening and closing of the initial form does not in most cases satisfy our actual requirement.

But now, we have 2 events happening at login that can be captured – Window Open and Window Close. It is these 2 events that we will use as a trigger for activating the actions that will satisfy our actual requirement/s.

Create one or more active links which executes on the Window Open or Window Close event of the initial form. In case of the requirement of displaying a security banner, we will create an active link that executes on the Window Open or Window Close event of the initial form. This active link will in turn have an Open Window action that opens a display only form in the dialog mode. The display-only form opened in the dialog mode by this active link can be used to display the security banner.


There can be only one initial form for each AR Server.

  1. The init-form parameter does not work in the web client. It is useful only in the Remedy Windows User tool.
  2. Logging in to multiple servers at the same time would result in the initial form of each server opening and closing.