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Handy and often used Workflow Actions


Generate GUID using a Set Field:

  • $PROCESS$ @@:Application-Generate-GUID
  • $PROCESS$ @@:Application-Generate-GUID “RE”

Using workflow to simulate the User performing some action:

  • Button:  PERFORM-ACTION-ACTIVE-LINK 1 <field_ID>
  • Menu Choice:  PERFORM-ACTION-ACTIVE-LINK 128 <field_ID>

Use a Run Process to delete records:

  • @@:Application-Delete-Entry <Schema> <RequestId>
    • @@:Application-Delete-Entry “GXT:Applications_LookUpUsed” $col:relatedapp:RequestId$
  • @@:Application-Query-Delete-Entry <Schema> <Qualification>
    • @@:Application-Query-Delete-Entry “BMC.CORE:BMC_Dependency” ( ‘InstanceId’ = “$Server_Product_rel_InstId$” )

Run Process work on Tables:

  • PERFORM-ACTION-TABLE-REFRESH <table_field_ID> [ <start_row> ] [ <number_to_retrieve> ]



Use a Run Process to delete records:

  • Application-Query-Delete-Entry “BMC.CORE:BMC_MemberOfCollection” ‘Source.InstanceId’ = “$InstanceId$” AND ‘Destination.InstanceId’ = “$ztmp_WorkFlowTrigger2$”

Generate GUID using a Set Field & Push Field:

  • (Set Field) $PROCESS$ Application-Generate-GUID  <– For Filter or Escalation$PROCESS$
  • (Push Field) $PROCESS$ Application-Generate-GUID “RL”

How to list all ActiveLinks, Filters, and Escalations that use a process command

The following SQL queries will return the Schema name and the command that has been defined.

SELECT, actlink.actlinkid, actlink.enable, actlink_process.command
FROM actlink INNER JOIN actlink_process ON actlink_process.actlinkId = actlink.actlinkid
ORDER BY actlink.Name

SELECT, filter.filterid, filter.enable, filter_process.command
FROM filter INNER JOIN filter_process ON filter_process.filterId = filter.filterId
ORDER BY filter.Name

SELECT, escalation.escalationid, escalation.enable, filter_process.command
FROM escalation INNER JOIN filter_process ON filter_process.filterId = escalation.escalationId
ORDER BY escalation.Name


How to determine if a field contains a number or text

If you are using a character field to hold numbers, how do you test to ensure that the value entered actually contains only a set of numbers and not mixed with text. There are a number of ways to accomplish this with workflow. The following is the most simple method:

Run If: ‘chr_Number’ LIKE “%[^0-9]%”
Action: Message Error

This will match non-digit characters.