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Web Services

How do you view a list of web services?

You can view a list of available web services stored in AR System by entering the following URL in a browser:


Web Services

How does Remedy store web service WSDL information?

The BMC Knowldge Base states the following:

  • In the AR System, the WSDL document is dynamically generated based on information defined in the form and the web service. It is not possible to locate it in the system since it is not stored as a physical file.

 The 7.6.04 Integration Guide states the following:

  • When you save the web service in BMC Remedy Developer Studio, the program creates a WSDL file that describes the web service. This file contains all the details necessary to interact with the service, including message formats, transport protocols, and end point location.

The WSDL file can be accessed with a URL using one of the following syntaxes.

After you save your web service, it is ready to use. To verify that your web service is ready, enter the WSDL URL into a browser address field.