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Where do you edit the “Resolution Categorization” values?

Ok, you have looked in the application and the ITSM 7.x documentation and you can’t find where to edit the options for the “Resolution Categorization”.  You can edit Product and Operation and you can see where it is pulling the values from the menu in the admin tool, but where do you edit this as a configuration. The how is easy, but the where just doesn’t stand out like you would think.

 To add, edit or delete Resolution Categorization options, these are the steps you can take:

  1. Open the Application Administration Console (you must be logged is as an application administrator user) in the User tool.
  2. Go to the Custom Configuration tab and open Foundation > Products/Operational Catalogs > Generic Catalog Structures.
  3. In the Category Type field, select “Resolution Category” and click Search.
  4. The table field below will show all Resolution categories already configured in the server. You can edit or delete them, or create new ones in this form.
  5. Click on the ‘Create’ button. In the Generic Catalog Update window that opens up, the requirement is that the Category Type is Resolution Category for them to be used in the Resolution Categorization fields.
  6. Click the Save and Ok button on the message box that appears.