Configuration Manager in Visual Studio 2010 Express

When building new projects under VS C# 2010 Express, I have found that the Configuration Manager menu item is missing. In order to access additional features within, that allow me to build against 32 Bit libraries, this menu item is required.

From the Build menu, you will see that the Configuration Manager menu item is missing at the bottom of the list

It appears that Visual Studio Express has the Configuration Manager menu item hidden. It is fairly simple to make if visible.

  1. SeleteĀ Tools | Options in order to bring up the Options dialog.
  2. Ensure that the Show all Settings checkbox in the bottom left corner is checked.
  3. Select the Projects and Solutions pageĀ and set the check box for Show Advanced build configurations.
  4. Select the Ok button to close the window. You should be prompted that the project needs to be closed and then reopened for the changes to appear.
  5. Once you reopen the project, you should now see the Configuration Manager option on the toolbar.







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