Migrating BMC API Applications from 32 Bit WinXP + VS 2005 Express to 64 Bit Windows 7 + VS 2010 Express

Migrating 32 Bit WinXP + VS 2005 Express to 64 Bit Windows 7 + VS 2010 Express

 I was recently upgraded from the 32 Bit WinXP operating system to the 64 Bit Windows 7. With the new OS, I figured it was probably time up move from VS 2005 Express to VS2010 Express, both of which are the C# flavour.

 First, none of my existing application would run on Windows 7. Ok, even using the XP compatibility mode wouldn’t work. The easy solution I figured was I would just have to recompile and magically everything would work fine. When I attempted to load my existing vs2005 projects into vs2010, the projects were successfully converted over by the wizard. Running/debugging the newly converted project resulted in some additional errors. Slowly each error was resolved and I finally had a solution that worked and was repeatable across all the small utilities I had (30 in total for 7.6.04. The other 57 applications for 7.1.x will probably never see an upgrade). Presented below are my steps that I have used.

 There are a number of documents and sites out there that will tell you how to install the .NET API for Remedy (ARSystem), but that gets thrown out the door with 64 Bit.

 You will need to locate and download the “ARAPI764_NET” zip file and extract its contents out to a folder. Below is the format that I have used to help keep everything organized. I have another folder (not shown below) called “Remedy Utilities” where the same sets of files are stored, but I also drop into this folder, all the executable files that I build. This way I have many applications all sharing the same set of library files.





You will not be able to register the BMC DLL files with the regasm for the 4.x Framework. This is due to the security changes made in this version. You’re running under 64 Bit, which again won’t work well with the BMC DLL files as they were compiled for 32 Bit.

Once your directories are setup, you just need to start converting over your VS2005 projects to VS2010.

The following link will allow you to download the PDF which contains the process that I have used successfully, along with screen shots (PDF seemed to be an easier format to reference):

 Updating existing projects to work with VS2010


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