Find Information about Server Group related tables in database


Need to know the function of each server group table in database
ARS 7.1/7.5, any OS, any Database


A) servgrp_applic : This table contains the information about the all application licenses ( Floating) in server group. It also keeps track of Floating App licenses that are being consumed in the server group.


B) servgrp_board: This table contains the information about the Server Names in the server group & their TCP Port number if any. In order for any failover to occur, the intervalcount column in the Servgrp_board table has to stop incrementing for that particular server. 

This table can be viewed using a database query tool to obtain some information about the Server Group’s health. 


The following columns are useful to look at: 

i) serverName:  this column should contain one record for each server in the group.  The name that appears here should be the same as the Server-Connect-Name and as the ‘Server’ field in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form.  If the data is not correct, the Ranking form should be modified to reflect the correct name,  the Server-Connect-Name: parameter  verified in each Configuration file, and the faulty records deleted from this table.  Restarting each ARServer will cause this table to get populated with the correct server names.


ii) intervalCount:  gets incremented each time the specified server connects on the interval specified in the Administrator Console for the Server Group Check Interval setting.    If this number is not incrementing or is 0, then the specified server is either not running or is not participating in the server group. 

iii) opFlags:   This is a semi-colon delimited list of 0’s and 1’s indicating which operations are currently owned by the specified server.   If the values are not what you expect, then there may be a problem with the ranking form, such as invalid server names. 

C) servgrp_config: This table contains the information about the checkInterval count. The synchronization between two servers in the server group takes two(2) check interval times (15 seconds each) before the changes are applied on the remaining servers. This means, changes can be piled and delayed if the pending signals keeps changing within the checkInterval time in servgrp_config table. Once the synchronization is completed, the operation is passed to the next server.


D) servgrp_ftslic:  This table contains the information about the Full Text Search licenses in the Server Group. This calculates the FTS licenses & store at the central place. 

E) servgrp_op_mstr:    If you do “Select operation from servgrp_op_mstr” on database, it will show you all 13 operations by default. But if you open servgrp_op_mstr table, under the “opNum’ column & there will be a value of -1 (minus 1) for any operation that is not used probably. Only the operation which has positive number value , that server group assumes active & has a rank defined in the AR Server Operation Ranking form. You also have a category of each operation, like what application that operation belong to.


F) servgrp_userlic: This table contains the information of all the User Fixed & Floating license in the server group. If you have 10 User floating licenses on server A & 15 User floating licenses on server B, then in this table the User floating licenses calculated as 25 number of available User floating licenses in the server group. You have userName, serverName & groupId columns on the servgrp_userlic table which contain the user name, server name of that user & group id of user which that user is member of.


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