Half way through 2013 and not a lot of new content has been added. A lot of time has been spent working on C# .Net applications and attempting to do a little bit of Java coding. Finally got the building of workflow for both Base and Best Practice View via the .Net API working. I have a template of form, fields, active links, and active link guides that I use for all my project dialog boxes. Hope to get an app built that I can provide the form name, select the features I want to include and with the push of a button have all the workflow automatically built for me. That would really cut down my development time.

BMC just sent out a notification that there is a Patch 5 now available for 7.6.04 (August 9, 2013). See a number of fixes for some issues that we have run into.


Where does the time fly? Starting the 4th month of 2012 and development time is still at a premium and no signs of it letting up. Seems that 2011 was a blur. Getting a lot more under the hood with ITSM 7.6.04 now.

Doing alot of workflow documentation of the BMC stuff I am working with. Mostly Incident, Asset Management, Bulk Inventory, and People workflow. Some intresting workflow around the People and Bulk Inventory.

As I some free time here and there, I hope to post some of my findings.


Well, 2010 was a busy year. The last quarter of 2010 and up till now have seen a lot of custom workflow development being done within the 7.1 ARSystem.  No new C# applications/tools have been built in about 9 months now. Feel that I will be a little rusty. Have ported some of those applications over to use the Remedy system. Now that I have mid-tier up and running on four of our environments, I can say that the visual presentation is a lot nicer than the user tool offers.

The site has been neglected for a while now. Got a lot of stuff to get entered in, but finding the time hasn’t been easy. There is a lot of good information to be ported over from the original http://rowshay.com/remedy site. Although a lot of the content is older material, it is still valid.

I’m giving the CMDB a bit of a welcomed break where I am working at right now. We are moving to setup a full ITSM 7.6.04 environment, along with the CMDB and Asset Management. The goal appears to implement the multi-tendency so that we can run multiple companies and departments within. (Wish BMC would make the changes to make it a true multi-tendency system. Still going to be problems with users in the different companies that have the same user names, since the User and Group forms share the same location to store the data. Maybe they fixed this by now… I’m a little behind the times.)

Going through all the different modules right now and it looks like they have made a lot of changes since 6.x (I’ve been stuck solely with CMDB 7.1 for almost 3 years now). Looking forward to the new challenges that this is going to present.

Hopefully the data that I have put into this site is of use to other fellow Remedy developers. The data has been collected over the years from a lot of different sources and experience. Some data that was easily found on the net is next to impossible to find any longer. If you find it posted here and I haven’t given credit to anyone for posting their information, I apologize now. Cut and paste, screen shots, emails, hand written notes… who and from where doesn’t always get noted down.

If anyone has any remedy details to share, that others may useful, please feel free to post. Looking forward to getting fresh new content up into the system.